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Pop Shots- Blue October, Phoenix, AZ 5/12/17

Blue October

Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ 5/12/17

Band Members: Jeremy Furstenfeld, Ryan Delahoussaye, Justin Furstenfeld, Matt Noveskey, Matthew Ostrander  

Sedona Film Festival Winners 2017



“A Plastic Ocean” Adds Audience Choice to Director’s Choice Award

SEDONA, Ariz. (Feb. 26, 2017): Good Fortune, the rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-rich es story of one of the world’s most celebrated entrepreneurs, John Paul DeJoria – founder of Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Products and Patron tequila – won the Best of Fest Award at the 23rd annual Sedona International Film Festival.
Good Fortune, the Audience Choice Award for both Best of Fest and Best Documentary, tells the story of DeJoria, the son of Greek immigrants and a pioneer of “conscious capitalism” who uses his business to make the world a better place. DeJoria also received the Sedona International Film Festival Global Humanitarian and Philanthropist Award.
A Plastic Ocean, a full-length documentary exploring the fragile state of our oceans and the alarming truth about plastic pollution, which was named the Director’s Choice for Best Documentary Film, also won the Audience Award for Best Environmental film.
Blood & Glory, an inspired-by-real-events narrative feature about a South African man whose character exceeds his imagination, and Wild Prairie Rose, the story of a woman who returns to her rural hometown to care for her ailing mother and falls in love with a deaf man, tied for Best Feature Drama.
Grand Unified Theory, a Canadian narrative feature about a brilliant astrophysicist’s family whose meltdown sets in motion a hilarious series of events that mirror his radical theories of the behavior of the universe, was named Best Feature Comedy.
Slipaway, a narrative feature that tells the story of an eclectic elder with good intentions but extreme measures, received the Heart of the Festival Award.
Also during the festival, Cloris Leachman received the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Other Audience Choice Award winners were:
• Best Foreign Film: Under the Same Sun
• Animated Film: Wabooz
• Student Short: A Children’s Song
• Short Film – Drama: All The Marbles
• Short Film – Comedy: Rated
• Documentary Short: Edges
The full list of Director’s Choice and Audience Choice Awards includes:
Best of Fest: Good Fortune
Best Feature Comedy: Grand Unified Theory
Best Feature Drama: (TIE) Blood & Glory and Wild Prairie Rose
Best Foreign Film: Under the Same Sun
Animated Film: Wabooz
Student Short: A Children’s Song
Short Film – Drama: All The Marbles
Short Film – Comedy: Rated
Environmental: A Plastic Ocean
Documentary: Good Fortune
Documentary Short: Edges
Heart of the Festival Award: Slipaway

Lifetime Achievement: Cloris Leachman
Global Humanitarian and Philanthropist: John Paul DeJoria

Best Animated Film: Curpigeon
Best Short Film: The Train
Best Student Short Film: Icarus
Best Documentary Feature: A Plastic Ocean
Best Short Documentary: Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland
Best Environmental Film: Death By Design
Best Foreign Film: Frantz
Best Feature DRAMA: The Sandbox
Best Feature COMEDY: Burn Burn Burn
Best Humanitarian Film (narrative): Under the Same Sun
Best Humanitarian Film (documentary): No Limits
Best Independent Spirit (narrative): Halfway to Zen
Best Independent Spirit (documentary): Perfume War
Best Independent Spirit (short): Bardo
Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award: 29+1
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking: SCORE: A Film Music Documentary
For more information, visit http://www.sedonafilmfestival.com.

The 2015 Phoenix Comicon


Well, wasn’t THAT a party! The 2015 Phoenix Comicon is a sweet memory now, but it’s definitely one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

At the time of this writing this year’s attendance count hasn’t been officially released but, guaranteed, it’s going to be the biggest yet.

I suppose the most impressive aspect of the Phoenix Comicon is that, no matter how big it gets, the organizers and crew are super heroes when it comes to making the event as smooth and stress free as possible for it’s attendees. This year in particular was a huge improvement over last year’s event as far as crowd management is concerned. In spite of record breaking numbers of geeks, freaks and nerds, the human gridlock was almost non existent this time around.

While I wasn’t able to make it to any panels this year,  word is they were epic. I did however get to spend a considerable amount of time on the main floor, collecting Cosplay photos, ( and, of course, falling in love several times over in the process.)

Every year the Comicons around the country have a character, movie or television show that seems to dominate. Personally, I will forever be remembering the 2015 Phoenix Comicon as the year of Harley Quinn & Deadpool, with a healthy amount of Guardians of the Galaxy in the mix.

Unlike the guys dressed in very similar Deadpool costumes, the Harley Quinns were actually all kind of amazing in the fact that I don’t believe I saw two that were alike, the sheer creativity and variety was as astounding as it was impressive. In fact, as far as all the cosplay was concerned, this year, more than any other, the guys were definitely owned by the ladies. Sure, the guys had the obligatory Jokers and Spidermen, (and one ridiculously perfect Thor) in the mix but the girls won the weekend thinking a little farther out of the box than the boys this time around, without question the muscle of female empowerment could be seen everywhere you looked this year, with many women opting for creative interpretations of previously known male characters, a trend I hope never ends. 

Rather than ramble on any longer, it’s time you just take a look for yourself. Enjoy! See you at the Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, 12/4-6! (can’t wait!) 

First up, a sampling of just a few of the Harley Quinn girls

The Rest of the Fest