Phoenix Zoo Welcomes Some New Residents!

The Phoenix Zoo’s newest exhibit, Dinosaurs in the Desert has arrived and, no surprise, it’s pretty damn spectacular! 

Yes, it’s true, there are lots of places you can see animatronic dinosaurs these days, coast to coast and all over the world, but what sets this exhibit apart from all the others, and really makes it something special and unique, can be summed up in three words; Location, Location, Location! 

The animatronic artistry on display, from the world renowned company, Billings Productions/The Dinosaur Company, is quite impressive on it’s own but the added addition of the Phoenix Zoo’s desert landscape truly raises this experience to a whole new level!

The show’s design, which was specifically created for this environment, is a perfect example of the synergy of nature and craft and, if you’re a resident or just passing through, is not to be missed!

Dinosaurs in the Desert runs at the Phoenix Zoo from October 6, 2017 through April 30, 2018, (an additional fee of $5.00 is required for non-members, $4.00 for members) For full details check out the Phoenix Zoo website. 

Here’s a sneak peak for you, enjoy! 


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The Arizona State Fair Concert Calendar 2017!

(Pictured: The Gin Blossoms)


The 2017 Arizona State Fair has another GREAT lineup of concerts on the schedule this year, not to mention some kick-ass rides and sugar coma inducing delectables for as far as the eye can see! Click the link to check out the full breakdown and purchase tickets now! See you at The Fair!

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