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Video of the Week






I don’t know Popsters, this actually may be the greatest music video I’ve ever seen imported from a galaxy far, far away!

Hot Problems “Party with My Friends” might not make it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 any time soon but it is definitely destined for major viral fame, the force is strong with these guys!


Video of the Week

Sir Paul McCartney released his new video this week for the single, “My Valentine“, from his latest album “Kisses On The Bottom“, (the album title refers to the Xs at the bottom of a love letter but you wouldn’t be wrong to giggle, I’m almost certain Sir Paul did when he came up with this one, the randy old bugger).

For those that don’t already know, McCartney’s latest collection of silly love songs is a tribute to the legendary crooners and songwriters of  yesterday and features a wide variety of popular and dusty standards, as well as a few new originals. 

The video, directed by the forever Beatle himself, features the delectable Natalie Portman and Johnny “I’m one quarter Cherokee” Depp, (obviously in his “Tonto Zone” for the Lone Ranger remake currently in production.)

David Lynch- Crazy Clown Time

Our pick for video of the week this time around will definitely be a head-scratcher for some but, if you’re a true David Lynch fan, it’s going to be a blissful 7 minutes and six seconds!

Crazy Clown Time is the title track for Lynch’s latest release and is available through all the usual digital outlets.

It’s disturbing, it’s hypnotic, it’s 100 percent David Lynch! Enjoy….(if that’s the word.)