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Music Video of the Week

Yes, she’s the spawn of Elvis, and yes, the children of mega stars rarely live up to the linage or hype, blah, blah, blah. Alright, are we over it now, ya got it out of your system? Good. May we continue?

For those that still watch American Idol, (I don’t, I’d rather have a root canal with a rusty drill than ever watch another minute of “The Ugly American Hour”), some of you apparently saw Lisa Marie perform this tune a few months back. I, of course missed it, so this one’s new to me (and that’s all that really counts here on Pop Bitez.)

The truth is, I wrote “The King’s” daughter off years ago when she married the bleached freak with the spangly glove and then grossed out the world with what was easily the most uncomfortable kiss in television history on the Grammy Awards. She didn’t fair a whole lot better in the tabloid world when, after her SHOCK(!) divorce from the pedo-popper, she said “I Do” to Nicolas Cage, the second strangest person on the planet. After another SHOCK (!) divorce I half expected she’d be marrying someone like Phil Spector next, but apparently, at least for now, Ms. Presley has taken a break from all of that ugly noise and delivered something pretty sexy and cool with her new album, Storm & Grace.

Rolling Stone described the new release as “The album she was born to make…” and I can’t argue with that assessment, for once I believe they’re dead on. Of course, it’s hard to go wrong these days when you’ve got the legendary T Bone Burnett at the wheel.

Here’s the first single/ video from Lisa Marie Presley’s Storm & Grace, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet“, expect to be hearing it playing over the closing credits of HBO’s True Blood this season, (wouldn’t surprise me if it was on the premiere episode June 10th) 


Video of the Week

Taking a page from the Johnny Cash playbook, (IE: “Hurt“), Tom Jones gives us a surprisingly subtle and understated cover of the Leonard Cohen classic “Tower of Song“.

We have to admit, after hearing several covers of this Cohen gem, this one is our new definitive. 

The track is from Jone’s excellent new album Spirit in the Room, out in the U.K. this week and coming to the states on 6/5/2012, we highly recommend you check it out when you get the chance, it’s already on our list of Top 25 albums of 2012!