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Video of the Week- Dirty Ghosts, Rope That Way

The Northern California based Dirty Ghosts‘ new album Metal Moon is definitely a current favorite of mine, first and foremost because it ROCKS, (something my soul and ears have been sorely missing lately)!   

I am LOVING this band, give ’em a shot, I’m thinking you will too!



Music Video of the Week


Freedom 21 is the first single off of Blunderbuss, The debut solo album from former White Striper Jack White. The video was directed by the legendary Hype Williams, best known for his music video work with everyone from Kanye West to 2Pac.

For most people a day behind bars is not a good day, that is unless you’re Jack White and Hype is behind the camera, in which case a day behind bars might just be….oh, just watch it already! Enjoy!


Music Video of the Week

The Dirty Projectors‘ new album Swing Lo Magellan is out this week and is available at all of your usual digital and retail outlets. The new album is a dark and trippy affair which, as you already know, is just how I like it.

Check out the first video and single from the new album, Gun Has No Trigger, and also the trailer for a new film they have coinciding with the new album’s release, Hi Custodian, (can’t wait to check out the flick, looks really interesting!)