Phoenix Comicon 2016

Phoenix Comicon 2016: The Heat Was On!




Despite the record breaking temperatures, hovering near 115 degrees for most of the weekend, the nerds, freaks & geeks of the sweltering southwest proved, once and for all, when it comes to our passions, NOTHING can stop us!

I’ll admit, as the big event approached and the extreme heat advisories dominated the headlines, I did wonder if the attendance at this year’s Con would be negatively affected. Silly me, I should know better by now. 

Like most photographers and pop culture journalists, the cosplay is always the main attraction for us. In fact, if I were creating a list of the top ten photo ops in the state of Arizona, mixed in with the Grand Canyon, the red rocks of Sedona and the Salt River Wild Horses, would be the Phoenix Comicon. Mind you, it’s not just the costumes themselves that makes the cosplay such a draw for us, it’s also the commitment, the attention to detail, the inspiration, the creativity, and the friends and families who team up together in concept and camaraderie. It’s truly a labor of love for many and, for us, that’s what really makes this subculture something special. The vibe you all create is absolutely intoxicating and inspiring!  

All that being said, the Phoenix Comicon always delivers the best vendors, panels, guests and special events in the desert southwest and this year was no exception. Kudos, Congrats and a big THANK YOU to Matt Solberg, Joe Boudrie,Tom KuipersLee and Jen Palmer, Jillian Squires,  Brandy Kuschel, Jeff Tippett and the entire PCC staff for delivering yet another spectacular Comicon to our great state! See you at Fan Fest 2016, Oct. 22 & 23! Can’t wait!  

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