Pop Bitez Netflix Picks 1/2014

All of the following titles are currently available on Netflix Instant Streaming, enjoy!


♦ Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde


In this true story of an inspirational cowboy we experience a cinematic adventure that examines the vibrant life of conservationist and award-winning writer, David O. Hyde, who through extreme perseverance and enormous grace and wisdom is preserving part of American history for generations to come. Running Wild combines breathtaking scenes underscored with original music and intimate conversations. One of America’s last remaining true cowboys, Dayton Hyde a bigger-than-life, dynamic man who lived through the final decades of the American West has found himself, his destiny and his personal freedom in the threatened indigenous horses he is protecting and the native land he is saving. In the end, this visually beautiful and powerful film will be an inspirational testament for anyone who needs motivation on their own personal journey and reassurance that each of us can truly make a difference if we try.

We first raved about this beautiful film last year after attending a screening at the Sedona International Film Festival, add it to your queue today, you’re going to love it!




♦ Drew: The Man Behind the Poster


You’ve seen the posters, now meet the artist! This insightful documentary profiles renowned artist Drew Struzan, who created the movie posters for some of the most popular and celebrated films of our time, not to mention iconic album covers for rock legends Alice Cooper and Iron Butterfly. Struzan’s work defined an era and forever changed the marketing of the Hollywood blockbusters.



♦ Stuck in Love


An acclaimed writer, (Greg Kinnear), his ex-wife, (Jennifer Connelly), and their teenaged children, (Lily Collins, Nat Wolff), come to terms with the complexities of love in all its forms over the course of one tumultuous year. 

This sweet and surprisingly solid indie features some excellent performances and smart writing, think Californication meets Crazy Stupid Love.


♦ Talhotblonde



Director Barbara Schroeder’s true-crime documentary follows a love triangle whose participants had never met beyond cyberspace — yet their passions ended up sending one member to prison and another to the grave.

The twist and turns of this riveting tale might give you nightmares, it’ll also have you rethinking everything you and your family members are doing online.

Half way through the film you’ll think you know and understand everything that’s going on and then, in an instant, you’ll realize you’re wrong.



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