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• Arrested Development Returns May 26th


The Bluth family will finally be returning to their dysfunctionally hilarious and twisted ways next month. 

Netflix said in a news release that it would post 15 new episodes of Arrested Development, constituting a fourth season of the cult favorite comedy series, all at once at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time on May 26 in every territory where the service is available. Plan your late night parties now and don’t worry about calling in sick to work as a result of sleep depravation, the 27th is Memorial Day!

 Arrested Development originally ran for 3 seasons on the Fox Network starting in 2003 and sputtering to it’s conclusion in 2006. The series starred Jason Bateman at the center of  a comically conniving family which included Michael Cera, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Will Arnett, Tony Hale, Portia de Rossi, David Cross and Alia Shawkat. All cast members have returned for this would be fourth season.

 The series won the Emmy Award for outstanding comedy series in its debut season but never found a broad enough audience to satisfy the network suits and, though it inspired more than a few water cooler conversations amongst it’s most loyal fans, failed to show any noticeable life in the omnipotent Nielsen Ratings.

And to all of this excellent news we say, “Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?


• Roger Ebert Is No More


We’re sure you’ve heard by now, pseudo-celebrity film critic Roger Ebert is not pining or stunned but rather he is bereft of life, pushing up daisies, his metabolic processes are history, he’s off the twig, kicked the bucket, shuffled off his mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. 

Yes, folks, he’s gone.

He was a critic, for better or for worse, sometimes insightful, sometimes imbecilic, and though it may seem hard now, I’m sure we’ll all survive just fine without him.

Lest you think we’re being a little too dismissive, ( a quality he turned into a very lucrative profession), we offer his original review of the David Lynch classic Blue Velvet, which earned lynch a Best Director Oscar Nomination in 1987 and swept the Independent Spirit Awards in that same year. 

Yeah, we’re a little harsh today, but we are merely offering this observation as a realistic alternative to all of the awkward “tributes” sucking up unnecessary bandwidth this past week.


• Blue October Has Got A Deal For You!


One of our all time favorite heavy melancholy bands, Blue October, are currently in the studio putting together a brand new album for release later this year and are offering some pretty spectacular packages for those of you willing to help finance the recording of this new collection of rockin’ tunes!

Their press release reads, ” As many of you may know, we have already begun work on our new album. You may also know that a couple years ago we left the “major label system” in the music industry and are now a  fully independent band, working for ourselves and investing in ourselves.

That investment takes a good deal of time, effort and teamwork to make the album we want to make for you and release it globally. That’s why we’ve partnered with PledgeMusic to allow us all to work together in making and promoting our new album.

We’ve put together what we think are some fantastic exclusives that you’ll only get through this campaign. Everything from a limited edition CD package of the new album and Skype sessions with the band, to a very exclusive acoustic concert/pre-release listening party for the new album.

For more info on the sweet deals and particulars, check out the band’s page on and check out this video that features the band members talking about their specific offers. It all sounds pretty damn awesome and we can’t wait for the new music! Long live rock and let the corporates be damned!


• Only God Forgives

Ryan Gosling sure has come a LONG way from his Disney days and the Mickey Mouse Club! This flick is definitely high on our list of “must sees” this year. Look for Only God Forgives in theaters July 19th, see you there!


• American Psycho Revisited


Huey Lewis has finally responded to Patrick Bateman’s pop music rant in the cult classic American Psycho and the result is almost as hilarious as the original…almost.

We first recommend you watch the original monologue in all it’s twisted glory before you click on the Funny or Die link! 


And Huey Responds 

• A New Use For All Of Your Leftover Post it Notes

Yes, we have largely become a paperless world these days and, make no mistake, a gazillion trees thank you from the bottom of their roots! Still, we’ve got a lot of excess paper product still taking up space, so…what to do? Well, if you find you’ve got too much time & Post it Notes on your hands you might do something like this! Enjoy!


• 10 Things On The Internet That We Don’t Understand

We Saw this little viral gem on the net recently and knew we had to share it with you, too funny!


• Jurassic Park 3D


Yes, this past weekend saw yet another needless rerelease of an old flick converted to 3D, Zzzzzzzz. We think this trailer covers our thoughts and feelings much better than we ever could here so, have at it suckers!


♦ Have a great week Popsters, until next time, Cheers!

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