Pop Blitz for February 2013!


Hey there Popsters, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I certainly hope 2013 is treating you well, personally, things have been great at Pop Bitez and now that Winter is passing, (well, not passing as quickly as we’d all like, I know), things are beginning to warm up on all the news that’s fit to POP! So, without further yada, yada, yada, let’s have at it!


♦ The 2013 Sedona International Film Festival


It’s almost hard to believe it’s that time again but The 2013 Sedona International Film Festival begins this Saturday, 2/23/2013!

The SIFF is, in our opinion, the absolute best film fest in the west! The film selection is always brilliant and varied, the parties are many and always affairs to remember and the stars, both figuratively and literally, gloriously illuminate the dark Sedona nights. This fest is always a class act, expertly managed and planned and the location…well, you have to SEE Sedona to BELIEVE Sedona and, even then, you have to pinch yourself a few times to make certain you didn’t just dream this place up!

Click on the video and our friend & Festival Director Patrick Schweiss will tell you all about it!

( Note to Patrick, next time shoot this promo OUTSIDE, ya gotta show off those spectacular Red Rocks buddy!)


♦ The Sapphires


We loved this flick and we’re absolutely certain you will too, that is if Harvey Weinstein ever gets behind it and releases it in the U.S.

The film was a HUGE hit in Australia last year and the Weinstein Company purchased the film at the Toronto Film Festival for distribution but, as is often the case, the Weinsteins have been preoccupied with “Awards Season” and, as a result, have left this flick to collect dust on their golden shelf.

Rumor has it the film will have a “limited release” in the next few months. We strongly encourage you to keep and eye out for this one, it’s a small film and it’s unlikely Harvey will spend much on the media promotion so you will have to seek it out if you really want to see it, (and trust us, you do!)

If The Sapphires would have played the states this past year you can be sure it would have made our Top Films of 2012!

Here’s a quick peek for ya!


♦ The Bryan Ferry Orchestra- The Jazz Age


We’ve always been big Bryan Ferry/ Roxy Music fans so you can imagine our excitement here at the Pop Bitez offices when we heard this release was coming, (and it’s been playing continually since we first received our copy).

Pitchfork has declared The Jazz Age as “Ferry’s most radical work to date” and we can’t argue with that observation, as far as we’re concerned it’s an instant classic!

True it might not be for everyone but if you’re open to the idea of throwing classic pop tunes into a time machine and jettisoning them back to the days of Duke Ellington and the Cotton Club you are going to flip for this bit of jazzy brilliance.


♦ Monsters University


The push for the Summer release of Pixar’s Monsters University has officially begun and while we haven’t been all that impressed with most of Pixar’s sequel work, (and cringe at the talk surrounding another Finding Nemo), we still think this one has got a lot of potential and, hey, at least it’s not Brave II, (promise us that will NEVER happen!)

Here’s your first look at the new flick and, when you have nothing better to do, check out the website, it’s actually a whole lotta fun!




♦ Oscar Weekend



<> on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.



Here come the Oscars, if you care, ( we barely do and we’re predicting extremely low ratings for this year’s broadcast). In honor of the night of the Golden God we thought we’d include this bit of viral fun today, it’s actually pretty damn funny, (and sung very well!) Enjoy!


♥ We Love Geek Girls






If there is one website these days we find ourselves surfing a little too often and for way too long it’s Geek X Girls, as far as we’re concerned there is no trend hotter than Cosplay girls these days and….just check it out, m’kay? You’re welcome.


♠ That’s going to do it for this week Popsters, we’re off to the Sedona International Film Festival next week and can’t wait to share all the “news that’s fit to POP!” with you, so be sure to check back soon! Until next time, as always, thanks for stopping by and Cheers!

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