Pop Bitez Netflix Pics

It’s time once again to offer up our recommendations for the titles that might be flying under your radar on Netflix, all of these films are currently available for instant viewing and we’re suggesting you add them to your queue today!  


• Her Master’s Voice


Internationally acclaimed ventriloquist Nina Conti, takes the bereaved puppets of her mentor and erstwhile lover Ken Campbell on a pilgrimage to ‘Venthaven‘ the resting place for puppets of dead ventriloquists. She gets to know her latex and wooden travelling partners along the way, and with them deconstructs herself and her lost love in this ventriloquial documentary requiem.

 Now, it’s important to note, on our shortlist of “things that creep us the hell out”, there are mimes, clowns, children’s’ programming and, of course, ventriloquists. If ventriloquists aren’t on your list, trust us, after spending an hour with Nina Conti, they will be. Seriously, this is the documentary that keeps on giving and just when you think your jaw can’t drop any further…well, you just have to see this one to fully appreciate what we’re talking about. Trust us when we tell you, it’s not a film you’re likely to forget anytime soon.

• Bernie

In small-town Texas, the local mortician strikes up a friendship with a wealthy widow, though when he kills her, he goes to great lengths to create the illusion that she’s alive.

Bernie features some of the best work Jack Black and Shirley McClain have done in a very long time and was recently nominated for several Independent Spirit Awards, there is also a strong probability a few Oscar noms are still to come. Director Richard Linklater is the king of the quirky and offbeat film these days and this is one of his absolute best, part dark comedy, part docu-tragedy, Bernie is one of our favorite flicks of 2012.


• Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog


An aspiring supervillain must balance his career and his pursuit of a beautiful do-gooder.

Before Joss Whedon broughtThe Avengers” to the big screen have gave us Captain Hammer and Doctor Horrible on the smallest screen in your home. We have to assume most of you are familiar with this web-series but, in the slim off chance any of you have missed it, watch it now! It’s short, it’s sweet and, despite what the nerds say on the message boards, it ends EXACTLY like we think it should have. The tunes are pretty catchy as well, (and a little hard to get out of your head after you’ve heard them a few times!) There is a rumor a sequel will be going in front of the cameras in the Spring of 2013, with a release next summer, we can’t wait!

• Columbus Circle


An heiress who’s been shut inside her apartment building for nearly two decades is forced to confront her fears after one of her neighbors is killed and a detective arrives to begin the investigation.

This edgy little indie is definitely worth 90 minutes of your time, we particularly enjoyed the work of Jason Antoon, Kevin Pollock and Amy Smart. We predict this flick will have a long life on cable for years to come, check it out! 

• Circus Rosaire


Circus Rosaire is the story of the Rosaire family, a 9th generation family of circus performers known for their unique and respectful manner of performing with animals, as they struggle to maintain their family heritage and adapt to the modern world of entertainment.

We admit we’re a little torn when it comes to animals in show business or zoos but this doc about a family circus struggling to adjust to our modern times is definitely an entertaining and melancholy look at the way we are as well as the way we were. We highly recommend this one for you and your family.

• Abel Raises Cain

Filmmaker Jenny Abel explores the life and career of her father Alan Abel, known to many as “the world’s greatest hoaxer.”

Long before we had a 24 hour news cycle and the “age of information” began on the web, Alan Abel was out there proving to the world something we had long suspected; the major media is full of shit. No, it’s not a revelation but it sure is a blast watching Abel expose the idiocy that is the modern reporter. On a side note, this documentary features a lot of discussion and clips from Abel’s Is There Sex After Death“, a comedic mockumentary he made in the 70s, we will save you some time and tell you no, it is not on Netflix currently, but it is online and it is HILARIOUS and WAY ahead of it’s time, watch it here, but keep in mind it is definitely R rated.

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