The Pop Blitz

Welcome to the weekend Popsters, and not a minute too soon, right?! We’ve got a lot to cover today so, without further yada, yada, yada, let’s get this party started!


• Hey Detroit, Eat Me!

As bizarre as the concept of Z World Detroit may seem, what else is to be done with the ruins of this once great city, (it really was great, seriously, like, back in the 1940s, or so I hear). It’s either this or we have to level all the buildings, plant some seeds and create another national park which, as quaint as that may seem, sounds just a little too pricey in today’s financial climate. No, I say, give the zombies a chance! After all, they’ve been there for decades now, might as well put their flesh hungry asses to work and, hey, it’s just a bones throw from Lake Erie! Now, how perfect is that?



• If the Sub is Rockin’, Don’t Come a Knockin’

Alright, I admit, that’s a very silly headline, (what do you want from me, it’s late).

We can’t all really live in a Yellow Submarine but now we can spend a night or two if we want. Let’s just hope the cleaning staff aren’t made up of illegal Blue Meanies, a Yellow Submarine is one thing but if the sheets match the exterior Frommer’s will chew ’em like a Bulldog!

For all the details and a look inside check out this story from The Daily Mail!

• Jessie Biel Takes on Jackman

Is there a pun badly hidden in that headline? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

There’s been a lot of Wolverine 2 news lately as Hugh Jackman prepares to let his side burns grow wild once more and the latest buzz has brought a pretty big smile to the faces of geeks worldwide, (myself included)!

It was announced this week that Jessica Biel has signed on to play Viper aka: Madame Hydra, one of the hottest feme fatales in the history of Marvel Comics! The film is scheduled to open on 7/26/2013, (a highly coveted weekend for big superhero releases) and begins production in Japan next month.

It’s going to be a long year Jessica but something tells us you’ll be worth the wait!

* Editors Note 7/18: We’ve just learned Jessica has decided not to join the cast, we are not amused, it’s a sad day in the Marvel Universe.


• Simpsons Comic Book

Doh! Digital comic book platform comiXology has joined forces with Matt Groening’s Bongo Comics to bring The Simpsons to the iPad.

The new app, available today, is free and currently features a selection of digital versions of some of Bongo’s most popular titles. ComiXology are also offering a digital copy of Simpsons Comics #100 on its website for a limited time to mark the release of the app.

New Bongo comics will be released on the iOS app for purchase within a month of their publication. Readers will be able to buy and download at least two digital releases a week through the app. “Our plan is to help Simpsons comic fans to experience the fun of collecting our comics in the digital world the same way they would collect printed comics,” said Bill Morrison, head of digital development for Bongo.

[story via Mashable]

• Beauty and the Beat

Apparently since last we saw her, Belle has become a bit of a bougie girl! This would have to be the funniest thing I saw online this week, enjoy!


• 5 Films for Fall

Yes, I know, it’s only July but, trust me, the leaves will be falling again before you know it. Autumn has traditionally become the season when we put away our blockbuster capes and masks and collectively begin to look inward with more substantive indie entertainment.

As much as I’m enjoying the big budget onslaught of superheros this Summer, I have to admit there are a few titles I’m really looking forward to catching on the big screen this Fall. These would be the films I’m anticipating the most.

♦ Compliance

8/17/2012 (limited, opens wide in Fall)


♦ The Words



♦ Argo



♦ The Sessions



♦ The Master



• The Pop Bitez PopCast

This week we’re taking a break from the new releases and giving you a Special Edition we’re calling Classical Goes POP! Just give it a listen, you’ll figure out what we’re doing pretty quickly. As a sample here’s a minor hit from 1982 that borrowed it’s melody from Beethoven. Got it? Good!


• Pop Nuggets

• Every once in awhile there comes a story that has me praying the Mayan predictions will come true. For the record- I really enjoyed the movie Ted– in all it’s raunchy glory, that being said this article from the L.A. Times really twists my panties. When you find yourself asking “what’s the matter with kids today?”, you should know, there can only ever be one answer; their parents.

• Have you seen the new trailer for Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful yet? What do you think? Is James Franco the “great man” they’ve been waiting for?

• Jimmy Fallon premiered a new Dark Knight Rises trailer this week…wait, is that Pee Wee?

And that’s All the News That’s Fit to POP for this week Popsters, thanks for stopping by, see you next time and remember: everything has it’s beauty but not everyone sees it, keep your eyes and hearts and minds open and enjoy the show!

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