The Blitz 7/1

The Blitz for 7/1/2012

Happy Independence Week Popsters! Are you ready for that extra day off? Strange, I know, that it falls smack dab in the middle but, hey, it’ll break up the schedule a bit and the weekend will come just two days later! I myself am looking forward to walking that very fine line of drinking and blowing shit up, all while trying NOT to freak out my Schnauzer, (she’s a very sensitive little girl, this would not be her favorite holiday.)

Alright, we’ve got a lot to cover today so, without further yada, yada, yada, let’s get the party started!

• Ted

♦ ♦ ♦ 1/2

Director: Seth MacFarlane  

Starring: Mark Walberg, Seth MacFarlane and Mila Kunis

Every Summer there’s always one action flick that stands out above all the rest, my instincts tell me we’ve already seen that one, (The Avengers), likewise you can usually count on one solid comedy to sneak up and surprise us during the blockbuster season. I could be wrong but my best guess is, that comedy opened this weekend.

Fans of Seth MacFarlane’s twisted sense of humor, featured weekly on the popular animated series Family Guy, are sure to love this one and, if like me, you’re not a fan of the cartoon, (I’m more of a South Park/ Simpsons guy myself), take heart, MacFarlane’s irreverent and often just plain bizarre jokes work exceptionally well coming from a magical & filthy stuffed teddy bear.

After having seen Ted and also taking into consideration The Other Guys, The Departed and The Fighter, I am now willing to forgive Mark Walberg for his hideous work in The Happening, (it’s now safe to say the blame for Walberg’s awful performance in that flick falls mostly on the artistically challenged M Night Shyamalan and a very bad editor).  

Of course the real star of Ted is MacFarlane himself, who also wrote and directed this perfect vehicle for himself, which showcases each of his talents brilliantly. I have a new found respect for his abilities and humor. 

Mila Kunis supplies the appropriate amount of eye candy but, as in all of her previous roles, really doesn’t show me anything I don’t believe a hundred other actresses could do. Is she hot? Sure. Is she talented? Sure, reasonably so. Are her performances memorable? Ummm, no, not especially. 

Ted is an instant cult classic in the same way films like Anchorman and Animal House were and, like those flicks, I expect it will be quoted for many years to come. Allow me to be one of the first: “Y’know, somewhere out there are four terrible fathers I wish I could thank for this great night!

• Pop Bitez DVD Pick of the Week: The Artist

If you haven’t had a chance to catch this year’s Best Picture/ Actor Oscar Winner now’s your chance, turn down the lights, crank up the sound, (yes, it’s silent but it’s got a great score that also won the Academy Award), and enjoy! I can’t tell you how much I love this flick or how many times I’ve seen it, (I’ve actually lost count). 

Check out this clip, one of my favorites, have you ever seen two people falling in love communicated with so much expertise in such a small amount of time? Brilliant!



• Super Mario 3D

So cool, I love stuff like this! This guy is seriously gifted, I’ve rarely seen better!


• Eytan and the Embassy- Everything Changes

I’ve been saving and meaning to include this video for weeks now and decided to just get it out of the way today. You’re going to love this one, especially if you grew up in the age of MTV. I’m digging the tune but, is it just me or do these guys sound a lot like Squeeze? Ah well, there are a lot worse bands to be influenced by I suppose. Enjoy!


• HBO’S The Newsroom? 

Haven’t seen it, nor do I intend to, which is why, you’ll be happy to know, I won’t be reviewing it. Why? With the possible exception of the STAGE version of “A Few Good Men“, I am not one of those fawning admirers obsessively slobbering over Aaron Sorkin’s witty repartee’. In fact, I can’t actually think of a more overrated writer in the last twenty years, (Stephen King and M Night Shyamalan come close but I still think Sorkin is king.)

If Aaron Sorkin is the smartest person in the room, (and word is he really believes this is the case), you’re probably in the wrong room and need to find yourself another party.

Sorkin has been infamously vocal regarding his feelings towards the internet and writers like myself, apparently he finds those who keep themselves electronically informed a little intimidating. I refer you to Hans Christian Anderson’s classic short story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, as a possible explanation for his seemingly paranoid fears. 

Kudos to the guy who put this together, no doubt it had to be a pretty painful task. 


• Is Anybody There?

I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace; that two are called a law firm, and that three or more become a Congress! And by God, I have had this Congress! For ten years, King George and his Parliament have gulled, cullied, and diddled these colonies with their illegal taxes! Stamp Acts, Townshend Acts, Sugar Acts, Tea Acts! And when we dared stand up like men, they have stopped our trade, seized our ships, blockaded our ports, burned our towns, and spilled our BLOOD! And still, this Congress refuses to grant ANY of my proposals on independence, even so much as the courtesty of open debate! Good God, what in hell are you waiting for?

In what has become a bit of a holiday tradition here in the states, Turner Classic Movies is broadcasting the classic movie musical 1776  this July 4th at 5:00 pm, (check your local listings for exact times).

I can think of no better way for you and your family to avoid the blistering heat this Independence Day than to sit yourselves down in front of the tube in the comfort of your air conditioned homes and enjoy this funny, classic and educational film. Who knows you might actually learn a thing or two about your country and the real reason for this season? It’s as important today as it was in 72 and 76, enjoy!


• Captain America 

We can’t really have a July 4th Pop Bitez Blitz without having at least one reference to Captain America, now can we? 

At this point I’m sure most of you have seen last Summer’s big screen version as well as this Summer’s monster hit The Avengers, (out on Blu-ray 9/25) but how many of you know about the previous attempts to bring the Captain to the screen in 1990 and 1944?! Take a look at these two clips and tell me you don’t appreciate last year’s flick even more than you originally thought you did!



• Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance



I’m sure you’ll find this one floating around on Facebook again this year, I encourage you to share it yourself. It’s a television classic definitely worth repeat viewings.


• Madison Rising- Star Spangled Banner

And what better way to wrap it up today than with a tribute to old glory herself? A special shout out and thank you to my buddy Jonathan who turned me on to this one recently, you’ve got some excellent taste my friend!

I promise you Popsters, you’ve never heard our National Anthem done quite this way! Turn it up, it ROCKS!


*And with that Popsters, I wish you all a very happy and safe Independence Day! Celebrate, Rejoice and try not to blow up the neighbors house, m’kay? Until next time, Cheers!- Scott


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