The Pop Blitz for 5/14/2012




Wazzup Popsters?! How’s the world treating you this week?!

It’s warming up again here in the valley of the sun, tomorrow’s expected high is 106! I can’t tell if I’m weeping or just sweating through my eye sockets, either way, YIKES!!

Alright, enough with my seasonal whining, let’s get this party started!

• Cocktails with Stan

Stan Lee debuted his new web series Cocktails With Stan last week and, as you might safely assume, it’s a lot of fun. New episodes are scheduled to premiere every Friday. I can only hope I have a tenth of this man’s energy when I’m 89 years old, but then I think the secret to Stan’s success is that he’s always been a 13 year old boy at heart. Peter Pan ain’t got nuthin’ on Stan the Man! Excelsior indeed!


• Disassembled!

As long as we’re talking about the “House that Stan Built” today, I thought you might appreciate this fun little tribute to the inhabitants of the Marvel universe, it’s hilarious, enjoy!


• New Music PopCast For May

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Summer! Check out this week’s brand new PopCast, you are seriously going to dig this one Popsters!

Tune in, Turn on and Pop out!

• Batman’s Tumbler Tour

Head’s up Batfans the Tumbler is coming to a town near you very soon as part of the promotion for The Dark Knight Rises, due in theaters 7/20/2012!

Here’s the schedule, for more info check out the official website

Bentonville, Arkansas May 12
Tulsa, Oklahoma May 15
Overland Park, Kansas May 19
Kansas City, Missouri May 21
Chicago, Illinois May 25
Washington, DC May 27
Baltimore, Maryland May 28
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 30
Buffalo, New York June 1
Toronto, Canada June 7
Montreal, Canada June 10
Purchase, New York June 12
Columbus, Ohio June 13
Lansing, Michigan June 15
Detroit, Michigan June 16
Brooklyn, Michigan June 17
Indianapolis, Indiana June 19
Nashville, Tennessee June 21
Knoxville, Tennessee June 22
Atlanta, Georgia June 23
Dallas, Texas June 25
San Antonio, Texas June 27
El Paso, Texas June 29
Albuquerque, New Mexico July 1
Phoenix, Arizona July 2
Los Angeles, California July 7

• James Hance

Artist James Hance’sRelentlessly Cheerful Art” is really one of my favorite recent discoveries on the net, his pop mash-ups are beautiful and inspired and I can’t wait to own a few of these myself. When you have some time head on over to his site and surf for a bit, you are truly going to LOVE this guy’s stuff!

• Tron Uprising

Tron: Uprising is scheduled to debut Thursday June 7th at 9:00pm on Disney XD. As a bit of a tease the producers released this 30 minute preview online this week and, I have to admit, this looks pretty damn AWESOME! I’ve got a feeling the animated series is going to win over a whole new legion of fans. I already think this episode is better than last year’s big screen version.

Tron: Uprising features the vocal talents of Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Lance Henriksen Paul Reubens and Bruce Boxleitner


• Dilla

I’m a sucker for a great animated short, you’re going to really enjoy this little gem, check it out!


• Tom Waits Coffee & Cigarettes Portrait

What are the best materials to combine for a portrait of Tom Waits? Java and Smokes, of course! This is nothing short of brilliant!


• Pop Nuggets

♦ I just found out I’m 25 years old…..on Mars. If you’re curious to know what your age would be on other planets, this site is for you, (if nothing else it’s a great conversation starter in the bars.)

Even if you’ve never made it yourself to the most famous crossing on the planet, it’s still fun to watch all the other tourists attempting to recreate that magic moment on Abbey Road, right?!

♥ Alright Popsters, that’s all the the news that’s fit to POP for this week! Check back this weekend for another helping of Pop Bitez and have yourself a spectacular week! Cheers!- Scott

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