“I Am Not a Man, I Am Dynamite”

* EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece originally appeared in the 10/03/2010 edition of Pop Bitez….you know, on that “other” site.

IAMDYNAMITE‘s debut album is finished and will be available in all the usual places on 9/01/2011. They’ll be spending their Fall, on the road, opening for Blue October. You can get all the dates on the band’s Facebook page and- while you’re at it-  you might just want to follow them on Twitter as well! If you do, you’ll be able to say you were there “from the beginning” and you’ll have earned the right to be included in that most exclusive of pissy clubs that will, eventually, feel entitled to decry their success with pathetic screams of “sell out!” when they go number one with a bullet! (you know who you are, bitches!)

There’s a very good chance I’ll have more for you on these guys next month.

What follows is my original article.

While I was at the Fall Frenzy Music Festival in Arizona a few weeks back, the manager of the up-and-coming band IAMDYNAMITE slipped me the band’s E.P. and, much to my surprise, I haven’t been able to stop jamming it in my car ever since!

As a pop culture columnist I attend A LOT of events and festivals and, as you might imagine, I get A LOT of discs from new bands, all purported to be “the next big thing” but, I gotta tell ya Popsters, these guys are the real deal. If you’re a regular Pop Bitez visitor, prepare yourself, I’m going to be updating you on a regular basis as these guys work their way up the ladder and charts, it was love at first listen for me and I am an instant fan!

IAMDYNAMITE are currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina but originally hail from Detroit, Michigan, (no wonder I love their sound so much), and will be spending the better part of November in the studio putting together their first full album release, produced by Blue October’s Matt Noveskey, due for release in the Fall of 2011.

IAMDYNAMITE, armed with only a guitar and drum kit, are destined to be included in that short and exclusive list of rock and roll duos. It’s really only a matter of time before you’ll be hearing their name mentioned alongside The White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Kills, The Dresden Dolls and Local H.

The band, formerly know as Mahoney (taken from a character in the Police Academy series) recently made the executive decision to “reboot” and change their name, their new moniker comes from a quote in the last chapter of the classic novel “Ecco Homo“. Any band that can make the leap from a lame ass series of Hollywood comedies to Nietzsche is O.K. in my book. If anything it shows they’ve got a great sense of humor, which I actually think is sorely missing in today’s music scene.

Check out IAMDYNAMITE’S video for the rockin’ great tune, “Stereo” and always remember, I was one of the guys who told you about them first!

IAMDYNAMITE are Christopher Martin – guitar, vox and Chris Phillips – drums, vox (yes, they’re both named “Chris”, how very observant of you.)

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