The Pop Bitez Blitz



Rare Lord of the Rings Excerpt!


I’ve been spending a lot of time lately watching my Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Special Extended Edition and recently discovered this shocking scene that adds a whole new perspective to the film series. I really can’t believe they left this one on the cutting room floor.

The First Animated Tattoo

I’ve got a fair amount of ink on my skin and I’m certain to be adding more someday soon but I don’t think an “animated” tattoo is ever going to be a part of my personal museum. Still, I give them points for originality! 

Weave Silk

I really love these interactive sites, as a suggestion you might want to turn on some electronic chill while you play with this one. It’s very relaxing and much more soothing than a zen garden.

Start weaving now!

Oh Land- Sun of a Gun

I featured this band in the Pop Bitez Popcast a few months ago, this is their latest release. A very cool tune with an equally groovy video, check it out!

Big Buck Bunny


I stumbled on this fun animated short recently, I really think you’ll enjoy it, watch it now!

Pixar VS. Dreamworks


While it’s true, in most cases, Pixar kicks Dreamworks butt on an annual basis, this year’s Oscar for Best Animated Feature is definitely going to be up for grabs. Unless Hell freezes over, the hideous Cars 2 isn’t likely to even be in the running. If Dreamworks delivers with Puss in Boots (and that’s a BIG “if”) it might finally be their year. However, there’s a good chance there are a few foreign animated features still not on the radar that may come in and steal it from both of them. It should be interesting. 

Here’s a fun cartoon I came across recently, it was obviously done before Cars 2 hit the theaters.

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